A device that emits sound. City. A direct successor to the CC, the Arteon was unveiled on 6 March 2017, at the Geneva Motor Show, and at the Chicago Auto Show for the market in North America.. Volkswagen announced that the Arteon was going to be more upmarket than the CC. Soundsystem DYNAUDIO Confidence. Click here to learn more about the Tiguan on Volkswagen's website. The Volkswagen Arteon is a five-door fastback based on the Volkswagen Group MQB platform. The system is comprised of 11 precisely positioned, fully active Dynaudio loudspeaker drivers, and is fine-tuned via the latest generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and driven by a 16-channel digital amplifier delivering 680 watts of pure sound. VW's Arteon combines gorgeous looks with competent performance, practical utility and a solid portfolio of tech. Shop Volkswagen Arteon Speaker (Rear). The 2020 Volkswagen Arteon is one of the best-looking new vehicles on the market today, and offers some compelling features in a bold hatchback design. Click here to learn more about the Passat B8 on Volkswagen's website. Thus a total of 14 individual high-performance Dynaudio loudspeakers drivers are perfectly integrated into the luxurious interior of the Touareg, acoustically optimised to the vehicle by our expert audio engineers. Small difference lies in the sound system though - the Arteon gets ‘Dynaudio Confidence’, a setup that consists of a 700 watts, 16-channel digital amplifier with 11 speakers. The Dynaudio Excite Sound System for the Scirocco features a 2-way loudspeaker setup in each of the doors, with two additional 2-way systems in the rear passenger compartment, and a dual voice coil subwoofer that is discretely housed in the spare wheel space. 64 kpl Volkswagen Arteon vaihtoautoa mallista autoa on nyt myynnissä Nettiautossa hintaluokissa 24 980 € - 68 700 € 24980 68700 €. Click here to learn more about the Arteon on Volkswagen's website. Main w Dynaudio, Sound, Audio - OEM Volkswagen Part # 3C0035453B (3C0-035-453-B, 5N0035453B) They even know how it behaves both when five people get in wearing thick winter coats, versus what happens when there's a solitary, T-shirt-wearing driver. The extreme level of quality and performance offers a most joyful and involving music experience for the listener. Arteon SEL Premium R Line. The result is a new level of sound quality, never before seen in the MPV-class. The 2019 VW Arteon arrives at dealerships this month. Twelve speakers, individually tuned for this model, surround everyone in the car. Arteon. The Confidence Sound System delivers a perfectly balanced and most authentic listening experience, no matter what kind of music one chooses to enjoy. On the inside, the Arteon’s available tech list begins with the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit, a 12-inch screen that replaces the traditional gauges with customizable displays. It's all been taken into account. They've measured every inch of the Arteon's interior. The roofline slopes to seamlessly merge with the back, conveying style and performance. The center loudspeaker serves to help place the orchestra in the front of the vehicle, and even though the seats are asymmetrical, the Dynaudio sound tuning compensates for this with a perfectly accurate sound stage and a completely uncompromised listening experience. They know how every curve, every surface and every corner affects the system's performance. Two three-way fully active speaker sets are mounted in the front doors, while the rear seats are bathed in sound from twin active two-way sets. There's also a dedicated center-speaker in the dashboard and a powerful subwoofer in the trunk. There's also a dedicated center-speaker in the dashboard and a powerful subwoofer in the trunk. Creating this level of experience isn’t easy; it isn’t just a matter of putting speakers in the doors and turning up the volume. The new Arteon also comes with VW’s latest voice command system. In the trunk there's a high-performance subwoofer, providing bass punch and – crucially – helping the whole frequency range knit together exactly as it should. MODEL LINE UP. All the woofers have newly designed MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cones, and the tweeters use Dynaudio's celebrated soft-dome tweeters – it’s all exactly the same technology as you'll find in our legendary home hi-fi and professional studio speakers. The woofer and mid/bass driver cones made from Dynaudio’s proprietary Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) material whereas the high frequency tweeters are crafted from specially coated fabric domes. The result: the best sound system available in any compact SUV on the market. Feel the strength of a 2.0L turbocharged engine with 268 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. FROM 11/08/2010. The brain of the system is a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which marshalls 16 channels of digital amplification from the state-of-the-art 700W power unit. The Arteon has VW’s new face, a look that stops short of Lexus’s wildly overcooked ‘spindle grille’ but still manages to dodge tedious pedestrian-protection-dictated homogeneity. And, of course, it's all been engineered and tuned by the experts in Dynaudio Labs. Dynaudio loudspeaker drivers and powered by 300 watts of advanced digital amplification. Even though the seating is asymmetrical, the advanced Dynaudio technology compensates for this to yield a precise soundstage allowing each passenger to experience perfect sound. While the name might leave you scratching your head, the Volkswagen Arteon is a sedan that might help you understand why sedans still need to stick around. The Passat gets 8 speakers instead. We've interviewed our Senior Sound Tuner, Morten Hermansen, about sound tuning in the hi-fi in your car. Thus a perfectly clear signal from the radio or media centre to the amplifier is maintained, yielding unblemished listening pleasure, Four 2-way loudspeaker sets immerse the listener in sound, Dual voice coil subwoofer offers optimized deep bass performance, Expert Dynaudio fine tuning optimizes the sound tuning specifically for the vehicle model. The dual 2-way systems each feature a pair of Dynaudio soft-dome tweeters and Magnesium Silicate Polymer mid/bass loudspeaker drivers, which are perfectly integrated with the subwoofer to deliver a well-balanced sound to the entire vehicle interior and breath-taking bass performance that is not just powerful, but also tight and detailed. IN other words the clear signal from the radio or media centre to the amplifier for the perfect listening pleasure, Shark DSP for perfect timing, placing the music in the perfect position in front of you and keeping all spectra of the sound, Expert Dynaudio fine tuning optimizes the sound tuning specifically for each specific vehicle, Newly developed ferrite-magnet soft dome tweeters, new midrange drivers, and 8 inch diameter woofers in the 3-way loudspeakers in the front channels and 6.5 inch diameter mid/bass drivers in the rear channel 2-way setup, Dedicated full-range centre channel loudspeaker delivers precise sound-staging in front of the vehicle, Dual voice coil subwoofer offering optimized in-car bass performance, 16-channel digital amplifier with 680 Watts total output power, Shark DSP (Digital Signal Processor) enables impeccable timing and a soundstage emanating from the front of the car, placing the music in the perfect position in front of the listener while maintaining all spectra of the sound, MOST150 digital optical connection minimizes noise on the audio signal. What we have achieved is a pure sound that is detailed, warm and natural regardless of the volume level.

vw arteon dynaudio

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