Someone asked about Avacado. We have tons of the best hard woods in this country . The speices discussion boils down to one quantitative parameter, I.e. I think many of us are a little envious of the river bottom land you have and the great hardwoods you have access to. I haven’t been able to compare it to madrone, or the oaks (like Oregon white, black oak, etc.). By time it is dry, there is nothing left. I first came here and posted in 2010 . But you are right about oak making a great bed of coals, and in an outdoor fire the extra ash won’t be so much a problem like in a wood stove. I have some Hemlock and I can get some Hickory. The growth rings seem tight for a "weed" tree, the face isn't "fuzzy" like a lot of softer woods get when it's cut and running your finger nail across the face seems like decent stuff. I love this site. It throws sparks so only should be used in stoves that can be closed. We have oaks and madrone as our more common hardwoods. I have old growth straight grain cedar I cut in the early 90’s for kindling and it’s still as good as the day I cut it. White oak is fairly rot resistant. If you take a piece of that wood and another same size piece of another type of wood that you know the BTU of, you can get a general idea. According to wikipedia bradford pear trees originally come from China. First is IronWood. THE COALS GLOW REDHOT LIKE OAK, BUT WITH HARDLY ANY HEAT. Brent C. Minard. They put out some tremendous heat . I think these charts are the more accurate of the many charts. Dogwood is by far the hottest. If you leave oak in the woods til you need it, well, there’s lots of bugs and stuff that love to digest it. Great site. Cal., I really miss having Live Oak and Eucalypyus to burn. In my lifetime I have seen the end of the Chestnut,the American elm,and now the Ash, Dick Ashton. Walnut (black) rates at 21.50/cord, my information is provided by Pocket Reference by Thomas J Glover printed in September 2006 ( 18th edition ). Apple is another good secret. If you’re going to load up your wood stove with the big stuff overnight, you might consider leaving the air intake barely cracked open. A cord is 128 cubic feet of stacked wood. I have been told that gum trees and pine trees will clog up a chimmney I have a rather large Bradford pear that I need to take down. Here are some pictures of what I believe is a "tree of heaven"(or he!!,, Very unusual leaf pattern for an oak, but just as heavy as all the other oaks. BTU’s or British Thermal Units are a measure of the amount of heat energy available in any given substance. Over the years I’ve heard people in this region say it gets too hot for stoves…if they use only the mahogany I imagine. I have found a good way to make charcoal if your a pyro maniac / fire bug like me. ), I am reduced to asking neighbors or builders if I can haul away their downed trees. Once burning it will not go out, so it is also commonly used for hog roast pits. After seeing this list, I now understand why live oak dulls my chainsaw blades so quick. You can click on the different types of firewood in the chart to learn more about them. There are varieties of those species in the Eastern US but there are also varieties on the west coast. We also leave the basement door partially open so as not to encourage the water pipes to freeze. I’ll have much pecan to burn this fall , we cut a huge tree . The beech also burns to a good lasting coal . I can lift a 3′ log of aspen into my fire box – the same oak log is too heavy. NO BUGS EITHER. If, on the other hand, you have a big 4 foot diameter monster, that blows down one windy day, you are in luck. My grandfather told that with him carrying wood in all winter and grandma hauling out the ashes … he never saw her all winter !! FYI, this insert has glass doors and a chain-link curtain inside them. Oak is also great for grilling over an outdoor fire. Would I still be allergic to it or was that just to its pollen? Today I chop down an Ailanthus tree, often known as Tree of Heaven, with my new hatchet. Hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 4 through 8, tree-of-heaven is a native of China. Out here people often pass up oak in favor of madrone, where it is available. I’m in North Texas and I have a half acre I can devote to renewable firewood. I look for fallen trees that are gray and smooth. Like the man said , if you got it free, it’s worth burning for heat. For the very old man. I have found out that no mater what you call it, when it is -12 degrees outside and it will burn—– then it is really Good firewood. Maybe less in some places with more sun and less humidity, but still they take a long time. I can’t understand anyone having a problem with it! The fireplace is not our primary heat source but we enjoy a fire each evening in the winter. Not a native species, but abundant where it has been planted (I have seen it coast to coast) Any idea the BTU of “Tree of Heaven” or alianthus (?sp). The bradford pear can go to the dump along with the elm . Tree-of-heaven provides shade, medicine, wood, clothing, and food for humans. Around here it is about the most common tree taken down by tree services, so lots of firewood guys sell it because they get the wood dropped off in their yards for free. You are correct Bill, wood has about the same BTU per weight. The wood is locally used for charcoal and firewood. Is non posionous sumac ok to burn in a fire place. This varies with the size and shape of the wood, and how tightly it is stacked. I’m in Melbourne, Australia. Not talking about ordinary white mulberry, just the fruitless ones. Any comment when compare to other oaks>, how much does a chord of juniper firewood cost, Your email address will not be published. I burn 24/7, and use about two cords from Nov. thru Mar., with several 3-day breaks every three weeks or so when the temps are a bit higher. Here is a link to a site that I found a couple of years ago. I have an old Black Bart insert and have found that in mid atlantic East coast, the oaks rule (Esp. I’m still retrieving all the down stuff and will continue for a couple years, at least. My wife and I just purchased 12.5 acres of old growth hard wood forest in Pembroke, NY (Sugar Maple, Beech, Cherry, Ash to name a few) and will be on my way there today to give the Stihl a work out !!! A friend offered me four cords of TOH split and stacked at my house. I added the BTU of Eucalyptus to the charts but I can’t find consistent data for avocado and almond. I could turn on electric or gas boiler but the excercise and knowing you are hurting bottom line of Electrical Supply Utility keeps me I have put together the best data I could find, but consider the figures to be approximate. I live in the White Mountains of Arizona. This can freeze in extended cold and cause the tree to come down without warning it combined with wind. Many use digger pine as it is reasonably priced, but requires that yearly clean out. Douglas fir is Pseudotsuga, menzizii for the man who identified it. It has kept us plenty warm every winter, we ensure we have a chimney sweep come out and check the wood stove and chimney once a year. If an oak/hickory/locust is available 30 miles away get that first. The wood is weak and prone to split with even moderately "bad" weather. The only draw back is it gives little flame for a campfire . Save it, let it dry for 2 -3 years and you’ll be opening windows to let the cold air in in February 😉. Something not mentioned yet that I bring from my Georgia heritage is Fat Lighter. Is apple wood a good firewood? Hardwoods, ideally should be two years old, but one year is a minimum in the northeast. THAT IS THE SWEET-SMELLING AROMIC CEDAR THEY LINE CLOSETS WITH. Looked through posts and didn’t see if there was any mention of the BTU’s of a Norway Maple. i have access to some and i’m wondering if its worth my time to get it. A lot of people don’t burn it so it is plentiful. Just look for a barkless dead tree in a fence row . The tulip poplar is not a poplar, it is in different family. AND TALK ABOUT FIREWOOD, IT BURNS HOT AND IS FAIRLY LONG LASTING.ABOUT HALF OF MY YEARLY FIREWOOD IS THIS CEDAR.I’D CALL THIS TYPE SOMEWHAT OF A HARDWOOD, UNLIKE INCENSE CEDAR. Just cut down a Shingle Oak Tree here in Ohio. Latest data that I’ve read is that seasoned softwoods causing creosote problems is baloney. If it’s really dry you can get some heat from it but I usually recommend it as a camp fire wood. We burn mostly old-growth sugar maple w some white ash, black cherry, beech and black maple thrown in. I live in East Tennessee which has a great variety of hardwoods. Tree-of-heaven was first introduced into the United States in the Philadelphia area in 1784. It is a decent fuel, but very heavy when green and very light when dry. with the exception of oak (usualy scrub oak), all the firewood vendors here have is Eucalyptus (no rating), Avacado (no rating), Almond (no rating) and “mixed hardwood”. The bearer must have meant well, for the ailanthus (Ailanthus altissima) isn't a terrible-looking tree. I’m thrilled to read about mulberry’s quallities–there’s alot of that here in WI, Hi Gang! Or the thousands of different genus found in Australia . since i’m now retired it sure is nice to cut on my schedule. I’ve burned a lot of it in the last 35 years. So you are probably not going to find much information about it as far as btu or about its wood in general since it is not a common source of firewood outside of Asia. Hemlock that is stacked in a single stack with plenty of air and sun can be ready to burn in one summer.

tree of heaven firewood

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