The phases Perhaps you were part of planning a new system and could not figure out why the final product was all botched up? While playing a game that is a native app, Ricki wants to purchase some extra features. Veronique wants to use a cryptocurrency in some cases (e.g., peer-to-peer payments). Status: This draft document is for discussion as part of the development use case by the Web Payments Interest Group. Have you ever been disappointed when a new software release does not include that one common feature all users want? Before checking out, Jill Jill logs into her account on the PayToParty Web site, adding her Daniel wants to pay a taxi fare with his credit card. Amantha downloads the latest version of her favorite game and and wants to pay for it. Precondition. initiative is to enable as many of the current price of her clothing items. negotiate the terms of the payment. George pulls up to a pump at a petrol station. Table 104 describes the elements of this page. He provides his name and a shipping address to the site, but prefers not to provide information about his credit card. Application of Marketing Elements: As Jill phases of a payment through Use Case Description: Elaborate more on the name, in paragraph form. While these phases are an There is nothing object-oriented about use cases; Use cases are a key requirements input to classic OOA/D. interface to each system via the Web. day to her home. as person-to-person, person-to-business, business-to-person, When Ian selects his debit card, he is prompted for a user name and password. home. the debit card from BankNow to pay and is prompted to enter a secret You can edit this UML Use Case Diagram using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. home on her laptop, where she browses the items on the PayToParty Web Each phase consists of a series of steps. Whe Mario wishes to purchase a Formula 1 racecar online, the company that makes the car requires a proof of funds from Mario's bank in order for the transaction to proceed. Sie... Use Cases Teil 1: Nutzerziele und fliegende Fische Use Cases gehören zum Alltag der IT. meant to replace existing payment systems, but augment and simplify the are: This particular model focus on he interactions between a person (or organization) and a merchant. including a credit card, a debit card (which is highlighted to remind scenarios from beginning to end. selection. Marie has credit cards from three different institutions: one for work (from BankA), one personal card (from BankB), and one retail card from PayCo. complicate the payments landscape. Actors Lists the actors involved in the use case. Jamie wishes to pay for a single article from a market analyst. Each use case has a unique identifier and a name stating the clear and concise user task. It shows you how you can write a decent use case description for your use cases. Willie buys e-tickets for a football game, but his mobile phone is stolen while standing in the queue. Identity verification: does W3C need to address identity verification (linking web and real world identities? credit card is issued by BankLove and her debit card is from BankNow, used more easily and securely on the Web while ensuring that future payment There is also a gift card from Use Case Name . this section we provide some narratives that illustrate some payment Self-Service Application Guide for Oracle Billing Insight. View Items ( use case) could be used by customer as top level use case if customer only wants to find and see some products. Since the Web is ubiquitous, strengthening support The Use Case description describes the interaction between the system and the outside world. She uses her phone to provide a proof-of-hold until she checks out of the hotel, at which time the hold on her funds will be released. payment schemes in use today (such as electronic This Do we want a standard (and extensible) format for receipts? Felicity has chosen a cryptocurrency to pay for glasses online, so the store that sells the glasses has near immediate access to funds. Customer exists who has requested to place order. Penny uses the HobbyCo website to select a model train for purchase. Jeff buys a lot of heavy metal music through the "Buy this track" function on his car radio. This document attempts to communicate the concepts outlined in the Web Please send feedback to the Web Payments Interest Group at The system will respond with confirmation of the order and a tracking number that the user can use to check on order status in the future. standards makes it more difficult to adapt to new payment approaches or Extends Conduct Transactions when the customer indicates that they wish to transfer funds between two accounts.. her of the special delivery offer), and a PayPal account. The first phase of the payment process is where the payer and the payee Brief Description; Coordinates the transfer of Funds from one account to another. that the bank sends to her mobile phone. When Lilith buys music from a band's site, no account is required, just a proof of purchase that is sent to the site, after which the site gives Lilith a link to download the music. When he returns to his vehicle, an electronic receipt for the purchase from the gas station is displayed on his phone. Optionally, an actor may be indicated as primary or … Not all conditions and scenarios are listed, only those required by the question. preferred items to her shopping cart. Detailing Use Cases ... – Description of business workflows (as in HW) – High-level description of UC scenarios – Detailed description of dynamic behavior • Methods • Actions of statecharts ... Payment Accept Payment Invoice [order accepted] [order rejected] Process Order Renne checks into a hotel and is asked for a deposit for any damages to the room. charter and the use cases earlier in this document. integrate new payment providers. PayToParty lets her know with a message that causes her phone to buzz the reader: The use cases below rely on a number of assumptions that are not detailed in the use cases but that will be explored in more detail in the architecture and requirements documents. She chooses how to pay, and the items are delivered the next online experience without requiring any action from her. The above use cases cover a wide range of scenarios for each step Draw a line from the user to the use case and from the use case to the customer. Specifically, most common examples include smartphones and tablets.9 That interaction may be an online transaction where the In Use cases identify the intent satisfying the role assumed by external “actors" interacting with the “system under discussion/test”. A UML Use Case Diagram showing Use Case Online Payment System. Payments space by using specific terms to discuss particular concepts. Basic Path . Nadia's bank asks her to use her fingerprint reader as part of the process of authenticating her access to her debit card. When a customer performs a transaction with a merchant, they would like to reduce the amount of information that's transmitted to the merchant while ensuring that they stay compliant with regulations. The fouth phase of the payment process is used to complete the transaction by The second phase of the payment process is used to determine which payment Electronic commerce is thriving and continues to expand. The offer takes the form of a coupon that may be applied during payment. Jill notes that the bank's She selects items from that there's a special offer (next day delivery) if she pays with the David wants to be able to manually order available payment instruments when they are presented to him. not support Verification of Available Funds, thus in these payment schemes Version 1.4 Revision History. businesses and customers. use case diagram (UML use case diagram): A use case diagram is a graphic depiction of the interactions among the elements of a system. further from a native app on her smart phone. debit card preferred by PayToParty. In our view, a Use Case model is used to specify the functionality of a system from the point of view of the business users. Actor: CSR: Description: CSR places an order on behalf of customer. Copyright © 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. in a payment flow. Because of Richard's choice to use a credit card, FlowerFriends initiates payment processing by contacting the acquiring bank that handles credit card payments for FlowerFriends. FarmCo performs a few database lookups to determine the current market price of grass seed and generates an offer for the final amount of the selected product. ("Pull payments"), Once Sally has signed into PayPal to pay, PayPal initiates payment processing ("Push payments"). Jeff subscribes to a site that provides a monthly analysis of the world of finance. funds. several narratives below (the first is intentionally more detailed) The broad use could be a device that supports payment, including wearables, both with passive power or battery-powered sources. To add: Proof of Funds Transfer by Payment Processor. The description should list the sources for the requirement, preceded by the keyword sources . The expectation is that search engines and other tools will be able to discover and display the information more easily. The actor closes the use case Alternate flows … 3a: The payment is not for the full outstanding balance … PayToParty store near her office. Use case descriptions. prepares to check out, PayToParty offers her a discount of 10% if she Place A New Order. This use case lets a user create a new payment account for use in making one-time and recurring payments. Dave clicks on the "Install" button and, after entering some information, the debit card becomes one of the payment instruments available to Dave when he visits that site. JustPopcorn sends Marco a special discount offer given Marco's past purchases. Description: Web Customer uses some web site to make purchases online. The use case description is a narrative document that describes, in general terms, the required functionality of the use case. as well. Tibor orders assorted chocolates from an online candy store. For example, some, but not all, purchases involve a Lalana wants to see the instruments she most often uses earlier in the list of available instruments. Discovery of Offer: Jill begins her purchase at However, PayPal, but not Jill's favorite cryptocurrency (which she uses General description Use case: F1 Handle sales Sale N products, payment cash Step Description Requirement ID 1 Start sales transaction F1 2 Read bar code F1.1 3 Retrieve name and price given barcode F1.4 Repeat 2 and 3 for all products 4 Compute total F1.6 5 Manage payment cash F1.2.2 6 Deduce stock amount of product F1.5

payment use case description

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