Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic is operated by Veterinarian & Pet Celebrity Dr. Carol Osborne, the Integrative Pet Wellness Center offers traditional & natural alternative pet health products & therapies for dogs & cats. “The court’s opinion is consistent with Champion Petfoods’ position that its food are safe and that the trace amounts of heavy metals are naturally occurring in the healthy ingredients used by Champion,” said the company’s trial counsel Dave Coulson in a press release. “…..toxins in their pet food sold throughout the United States.”. Didnt feel right, stopped. They use NO Pea proteins.. lentils, garbanzos etc. I can’t find a date for this heads-up. We are now trying Canadian and Italian dog food. Ive been feeding Acana to 6 dogs for 5 yesrs now and after switching to Acana i had no more weight or skin issues as I did prior. Every allergen food is in these corn based formulas. As a customer, I still ask myself… How can this be? Based on Champion PetFoods public statements, all food sold in the US is manufactured at the Kentucky plant since 2016. I began introducing Single Lamb and Apple into their current kibble few weeks back. did you post it recently? Based on Champion PetFoods public statements, all food sold in the US is manufactured at the Kentucky plant. if you are going to post something like this have facts! I have given up with US produced pet food for my 13 indoors kitties. Your dogs health issues describe my dogs – after being on Acana just fine within the last several months have been progressively getting worse They also fund their nutrition course they get in vet school. However, should we file a complaint regarding cat food, we will post it to the website. I bought it in Spain and they sent me it in France. I hope companies like this are brought to justice for preying on pet owners and innocent animals’ lives. ", The ruling states the plaintiff provided evidence, including a Food and Drug Administration reference chart called Total Diet Study, and relied on it to compare the defendants' products with consumer-bound chicken, turkey and eggs. Omg…I fed my border collie six fish blend for a long time. He was so young, and otherwise so incredibly healthy. I’ve been feeding my dog’s Orijen for YEARS! Hello, you wish to subscribe to. What is their education level? So does this include Acana in Canada? hopign to find out if this is in canada my dog has become VERY VERY sick. Having just read this. My spaniel’s allergies are a lot better now after switching to a mix of Origen Six Fish (Canadian) and raw dog food companies in England. They have a fantastic record with the exception of this lawsuit…. Please note that our veterinary clinic is not able to personally address any questions or concerns regarding this matter. The symptoms listed in the law suit are vague – does anyone know more specifically what the symptoms are and how harmful they are to our pups? They are both in good health. She has liver cancer which has spread to her lungs. I would be very interested to know if It is only the American produced Acana that has tested for the toxins. I also experienced something like this recently with one of my cats. If you are a resident of California, Minnesota, Florida, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Massachusetts, Alaska or Washington and purchased the Contaminated Dog Food (listed in our complaint) from July 1, 2013 to the present, you are already included in the proposed class. If you were not a resident of California, Minnesota, or Florida when you purchased Acana or Origen dog food, you are not currently a member of the proposed class. It’s not a recall. I would be very careful with their food. It’s a multi billion dollar business because of so many people buying into their claims. I strongly believe the dry food section should not even exist for cats. DHA (min.) Please join my group at the link – we have been educating pet owners for 5 years on “bad” food and even how to feed a pet well on a tight budget. All owners should throw out what they have! Also neither Acana nor Orijen have been recalled for this. For a WEEK. Jun 27, 2019, By Carrie Bradon | For quite some time I wondered why my pups were not energetic and gaining weight and I often had to mask the Acana food with cheese. This is in the U.S.. Is there an issue in Canada also? This was the response from the attorney office handling the lawsuit. What dog food brands would you recommend? (obviously cost is not the object. Is this for these brands in Canada also?? Please I have 1st hand knowledge that Blue Buffalo products are not what they advertize…return the food and find a better brand. Totally Grain free and no added fillers, colours or “unknow”. I’ve been told by a holistic pet nutritionist that the heavy metals are due to the fish. try calling the law firm, As far as I can read the USA recipes are totally different so I wouldn’t think it affects the canadian dog food. This all started on Tuesday, March 20 with Vet visits on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for and, with Orijen dog food products, you are getting the best. A class action lawsuit has been brought against the makers of premium dog food brands Orijen and Acana claiming false advertising and referencing levels of various heavy metals as well as BPA, a chemical not normally found in dry kibbles. Is it the same manufacturing in Canada? They get a lot of money from Hills/ Science Diet for selling it in their practice. 17 % A Rating of Orijen Dog Food. I knew something was wrong and watched but he must have been strong enough to flush it through his system. Finally, the lawsuit has started after Champion Pet Foods opened a second facility, this one in Kentucky, which does not supply the Canadian markets. My puppy got violently ill after eating Acana Duck and Pear recently. Dry food in general causes this. Almost every puppy can learn to be housetrained when their humans follow the right steps. Hey doctor! LOCKRIDGE GRINDAL NAUEN P.L.L.P. I notified them that others had come to the same conclusion. Last January, we accepted that Acana was the problem and found others with a similar experience at . Cindy, I’ve been feeding my siberian husky this food for about a year and my black lab my lab seems to be okay with it but my husky has digestive problems right after eating his food I had no idea it was the brand of food I just thought it was the breed of dog because I had another husky that had digestive issues I stop feeding my dogs last night and they digestive issues seem to go away I am just sick knowing I fed this poison to my dog’s thinking it was one of the best foods that is so costly. Corinne, It’s a lawsuit that Champion claims is without merit and plans to fight vigorously. Your email address will not be published. This is heartbreaking to hear someone else had the same problem! “We vigorously fought the allegations in this case and will do the same in any other cases that assert similar claims.”. Sounds like everyone has the same concerns, but there doesn’t seem to be any answers yet. Raw food only, but can we be sure of that as well? I hope it’s not too late…just wondering if anyone else’s dogs is doing the same from this dog food. It’s all cooked and dry. Can you tell us the symptoms that occurs? If you are a resident of California, Minnesota or Florida, and purchased the Contaminated Dog Food (listed in our complaint) from July 1, 2013 to the present, you are already included in the proposed class. Any word on the Cat foods of Orijen and Acana? It puts everything into perspective. It is our understanding that US residents cannot purchase any food made in Canada so our suit does not include any food manufactured in Canada by Champion PetFoods. Filed in Colorado today (11/12/18) was an amended lawsuit (complaint) against Champion Pet Food. Our Red Setter was eating Orijen & Arcana dry foods some time ago. Can you helline me? That fact that one dog is ok and the other not so much should point you in the direction to try a different food rather than to keep feeding “poison”……. We thought that giving our girl this food was the best. I’ve tried to be careful & use quality, grain-free foods. *Contains mixed tocopherals (a tocopheral rich extract of natural origin- Vitamin E and Rosemary Oil). Not to mention it out of control expensive! Did you ever maybe think your dog has digestive issues because he might be dealing with allergies to something in the food? My dog was on these brands for years and she died from cancer, she was 9 yrs old. We find that if a dog or dogs are not doing well on a particular diet-especially when it’s sold as an expensive, premium dog food trying a different food makes good sense. Vet prescribed Science diet k/d and our poor old cat nearly died of starvation continuously Barfing it up! I have been feeding one of my dogs one of the foods listed in the lawsuit. we'll email you a link to the story. This communication with the firm, any individual member of the firm or any conversation with a member of the firm does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Or is the dry cat food just as harmful as the dog food when it comes down to the toxicity? We are just providing people with information, yes this is NOT A RECALL. Tap to zoom. "According to third-party lab studies commissioned by defendants, the levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury in defendants’ products are but a fraction of the MTLs. If i had proof, I would be suing them. Is the pet food orijen original sold in Europe the same toxicity? Cross, ) are and have been eating Acana Small Breed Senior, and Acana Large Breed Adult respectively. This case is about mislabeling and misrepresentation. If you are providing people with information then you need to provide all information such as what are the acceptable levels of mercury in fish, etc. I am so thankful you published this information because she has been having issues, over the last year off and on she has refused to eat in the morning. We have had luck with Fromm 4 Star, Stella and Chewys, and Sojos. After several vet visits and bills later, I was able to narrow it down to pet food which was the last thing on my mind. Poor Oliver, died of bone cancer 5.5 years ago. 2 % I was thinking of Acana for my cats, but I will far away . I don’t know if this is related but I can’t imagine it has helped her health that I’ve been slowly poisoning her for her entire life. all of the things listed ARE NATURAL arsenic lead cadmium all heavy metals are natural that is why you have to actually use critical thinking. She said that the parent company of Orijen and Acana is Champion Foods, who say that the allegations are false, that all of their ingredients are tested by two outside bodies/testing companies before they are used in the pet foods. And HIDING the contamination! I’m wondering the same! My vet has confirmed it was a direct result of their Orijens cat food. This food is the best out there. I am very sorry to hear about your dog, we do not know the specifics, but just sharing the current information. I had complained to Acana that I believed their new food was making him sick, and suggested the presence of toxins. Runny In general if a pet food is agreeing with your dog we look for a few basic markers: a normally formed stool, a minimal fecal volume [max 25%] relative to the amount of food you’re feeding, bright shiny skin & hair coats, and good energy levels. Stay informed and learn that natural does not mean non toxic. Get 25% off curbside pick on ORIJEN dog and cat food at Petco! I have a bag available for testing. MY DOG WAS ON THIS FOOD FOR ABOUT 5 YEARS. regarding your pet questions and concerns. The total amount of Acana these two dogs have consumed is 1 and 1/2 , 25 lb bags. Ingredients: 5. It is no more expensive than overpriced toxic waste like Blue Buffalo and the dogs love it. Hello I am a Canadian who has had 3 dogs eating Prefer as well Scans my concern is my first Chihuahua passed away and had difficulty with his heart would this food have done the damage??? Champion Petfoods is the maker of Orijen and Acana dog foods. Posted March 28, 2018 by greendog & filed under dog safety, interesting, News, pet food ingredients, Pet Safety, poisons and toxins.. I’m sure you have started to hear some things about a class action lawsuit filed against Champion Pet Foods, the makers of Acana and Orijen pet foods. What recall? Beginning in early 2016, Acana dog food split into two product lines. Fromm is a small, family owned business that puts a lot of love & care into their products. What should I be looking for in my dogs and cats? Would it be prudent to have bloodwork done to see if there are high levels of these toxins in my dog’s blood? Really? I thought this was an Alberta (Canada) made product…. I know how hard that is. As with all things, research is the best option. I see it doesn’t include these particular flavours, and my dogs all appear healthy and don’t have any issues. The fish diet did clear up her skin problems but… She died of cancer a few months ago; inoperable tumor in her abdomen that was connected to too many vital organs etc. It still sits in my bin and I refuse to use it although it costs a few dollars over $100 in Hawaii. Are these products made in the US plant or the Canadian one? Our dog died from a mysterious disease at 7. U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, By John Sammon | So what are you referring to? Does the Orijen puppy food also apply to this ? All are welcome! Does this food recall include The made in Canada ? please look her won’t be sorry. ⚠ Important recall information appears below. Took my 7 year old Blue Heeler in for breathing difficulties and lethargic behavior. Don’t trust their word. They have been eating royal canin for most of the past few months and seem ok even though I did buy Orijen when I couldn’t get to the vet to buy RC, but now I am worried. EPA (min.) read up on detoxifying your dog from heavy metals, you can use bentonite clay or charcoal just be sure to research the doses. Is your dog healthy? Im assuming there is the original plant in Alberta and one somewhere in the states as it is a Canadian brand. Blue Buffalo lamb and rice or grain free chicken I have learned too much about dog food. Anything with fish has heavy medals in it. None of their kibble or treats were affected. A month ago, The vet thought it might be flea allergy but at 12 years of age, he has never had reactions of this caliber to flea bites. Boy I was wrong . Its been almost a month since he’s been off of this food and I started making his own dog food out of raw ingredients , his hair is now growing back and starting to look shiny again. Stella and Chewys, Sojos, and Fromm 4 Star, I know this says in the United States my question is for a tg8s apply to Canada as well as I feed my Chorkie the duck and pear Acana and have for 6 yrs. How we are must could be safe for our dog?, wich date or production batch or is´t all production batch? Hi All. Shortly after, he developed a massive hot spot on his face. The lawsuit alleged the companies falsified the quality of the food. I asked our trainer/breeder who is obsessive about animal nutrition. I am in Canada and believe that there is a different manufacturer under the same brand name here. It just makes no sense. It is illegal to use “meat and fish waste/byproducts” and “meals” (always rendered and includes 4-D animals) BTW, the 4Health dog food is Ainsworth.. so that is US produced from 4-D meat. I agree with the person above raw is best, but even adding canned food into your cats rotation of food can help stop the formation of crystals! They have both noticeably lost weight and coats have diminished in quality with in the short period. 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If you were not a resident of the states listed above when you purchased Acana or Orijen dog food, you are not currently a member of the proposed class. Is very important news that, so is beter to have the full informations. if you need any examples of making a healthy dinner for your dog…. Plaintiff questions the reliability of these studies but has not performed any such studies on her own. The company that did this testing also gave Fromm bad marks….seems the better foods are being attacked while cheap filler foods are getting high marks from this company. I am so upset I choose this brand of dog and cat food because it was claiming to be healthy and free of the bad stuff. These actions do not progress very quickly. I have fed our dog Orijen large breed and now adult , since he was 6 weeks old he turned 3 of the 22 of this month. Kibble equals convenience. I try to avoid using food companies that have a history of recalls. I’m not saying I’m not concerned, because of course I am. I’m so sorry to hear that about your fur baby! Feeding a biological appropriate RAW diet is the best you can do for your dog or cat. Also, the lawsuit is not citing any sick pets or toxicity, instead it is just stating that Champion Pet Foods packaging misrepresents the ingredients as the in-house testing shows lower levels of these heavy metals and no BPA. The lawsuit claims Champion pet foods (Acana and Orijen) “contain levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium” “known to pose health risks to humans and animals, including dogs” and interestingly for a kibble pet food…the lawsuit claims the dry pet food contained “BISPHENOL A (“BPA”)”. Thank you. Or are Canadian consumers of these products safe? Prices vary from one recipe to another, but generally a 28.6-pound bag of Orijen dry food will cost you between $75 and $135. In 2005, the National Research Council published a study titled Mineral Tolerance of Animals (the 'MTA'). Can we see the analysis wich determinate that toxicity level? Urinating a lot, and consuming TONS of water! One group of recipes is produced for USA and the other for Canadians., I just opened a bag of acana senior with free run chicken wild flounder and Fraser valley greens… Is it contaminated? That would be hard for us to know, I would use at your own discretion. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. $86.44. You can’t blame every disease on the dog’s food. Hopefully my little Wheatie will be OK after all!

orijen dog food lawsuit

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