3 PHASE AMPERES - 80% POWER FACTOR* (Extended Table) kW Times 1000 divided by (Volts*1.73) *.80 This chart approximates the amperage of a generator based on the size of the generator and the load on the generator at 100 percent of capacity. A 3 phase power outlet will have 3 wires for power, and if it is 220 volts you could measure 220 volts between any combination of the 3 wires. Depending on the primary and secondary voltage rating of the “3-phase transformer” and it’s winding configuration, (i.e. Go back to Three phase power measurements ↑ Wye and Delta comparison. Single- phase loads are connected to one leg of the wye between line and neutral. Three phase Amps = [HP * 746] / [E * %age Efficiency * PF * 1.73] Example: Determine the current flowing through a three-phase, 2 HP, 400-volt motor having an efficiency rating of 93% and a power … Easy enough. AC three phase watts to amps calculation Calculation with line to line voltage. Convert watts to kilowatts by dividing the number of watts by 1,000. The Wye configuration is used to distribute power to everyday single-phase appliances found in the home and office. I will do that tomorrow. Figure 7 – Delta connection – three phase, three wires. Decided to check the amps on a three hp motor. What is causing the .6 reading on one leg? Three phase kW to Amps calculations involve a ration of 1000 times kW to the power factor times voltage and an additional factor 1.73 that represents an equivalent of √3 and is added because the circuit is three phase in nature. A motor of a given rated horsepower is expected to deliver that quantity of mechanical power at the motor shaft. Three phase kW to Amps. 02-24-2017, 07:36 PM #2. Jraef. As an example, consider a balanced three phase load consuming 36 kW at a power factor of 0.86 and line to line voltage of 400 V (V LL) : the line to neutral (phase) voltage V LN = 400/√3 = 230 V three phase power is 36 kW, single phase power = 36/3 = 12 kW now simply follow the above single phase method. I should of checked the voltage. Amps per leg on three phase?? I got 9-.6-9 It sounds good. For example, if the motor is drawing 30 amps at 250 volts, you have 30 x 250 x sqrt 3 (about 1.73) = 12,975 watts). The higher the voltage, the more efficient and powerfull the circuit will be. 230 volts motor - 3-phase : 2.5 amps/hp; 460 volts motor - 3-phase : 1.25 amps/hp; Always check nameplate information before designing protective devices, wiring and switch gear. The power factor of resistive impedance load is equal to 1. Calculate three-phase motor power consumption by multiplying amps by volts by the square root of three (W = AV(sqrt 3). Single-Phase Motors - HP and Full-Load Currents. 3 Phase in N. America is normally available in 208, 220 or 240 or 480 or 600 volts (Canada). FORMULAS USED IN CALCULATOR: 1-Phase KVA = Volts x Amps / 1000 1-Phase Amps = KVA / Volts x 1000 3-Phase KVA = Volts x Amps x 1.732 / 1000 3-Phase Amps = KVA / Volts / 1.732 x 1000

how many amps in 3 phase power

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