Shake until chilled, about 12 seconds. 2. 5 cups water, 1 cup honey. Just combine Earl Grey tea, bourbon whiskey, blackberry, simple syrup and garnish with rosemary. Your Source for all things Southern! Strain and pour into a glass. This will give you enough to make a few cocktails. Stir for 10-15 second. 2. The one suggestion I highly recommend is to use high quality Earl Grey tea. of loose Earl Grey tea in a 750 ml. This British tea is typically a “black” tea base flavored with bergamot orange, and citrus fruits like lemon, lime and grapefruit. « Home Buying Moment: Choosing the Right Neighborhood, Creating the Perfect Home Floral Studio ». Now that you have some backstory on where I found my inspiration for an early grey cocktail, I’m sure you are all wondering what I’m going to name my mashup. The azaleas are so pretty this time of year in Alabama and we have some gorgeous pink ones that surround our house in Birmingham. Drinks earl grey cocktail, earl grey gin cocktail, gin cocktail, Roku gin, Japanese gin cocktail, refreshing drinks, drinks for party, cocktail recipes, summer drinks European Print This. This sip gives you a sophisticated taste with a slightly sweet finish. Remove bags and transfer simple syrup into container of choice. My name is Meredith and I am true southern girl sharing my love for cooking, cocktails and the southern lifestyle. Stay away from powder tea bags and go for some loose leaf tea if … Ingredients. This tea cocktail consists of strong Earl Grey tea, gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and egg whites. Fine strain into a glass filled with crushed ice. Shake vigorously and strain into champagne glass. I was first introduced to tea in a cocktail when I visited Bamboo on 2nd earlier this year in Downtown Birmingham. 1 tablespoon loose leaf Earl Grey tea. Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat. Now I want to make this delicious-looking Earl Grey cocktail this weekend. In the case of this Earl Grey cocktail syrup, we use Earl Grey tea. The Coterie’s Palmer 75 had earl grey simple syrup, blueberry vodka, lemon, and soda. Add the chilled tea and fill the shaker 3/4 with ice. This Vanilla Earl Grey Blackberry Mocktail has just as much thought, effort, and recipe development as a cocktail and you can taste it. “Egg whites in a cocktail?! Never too Earl-y (for a cocktail) Thanks for visiting! Rating: 5.0 /5 ( 1 voted ) Ingredients. This earl grey cocktail is the perfect distraction from recognizing that our yard looks like a scene out of the movie “Holes,” and it also has all of the floral notes of spring that we love. of demerara syrup (1:1) and 1 fresh egg white (pasteurized if you prefer) in a cocktail shaker and shake without ice until frothy. Just combine Earl Grey tea, bourbon whiskey, blackberry, simple syrup and garnish with rosemary. Thanks Jennifer! 2015/06/27 at 10:43 pm. Filed Under: Cold Drinks, Drinks, Recipes Tagged With: arnold palmer, cocktail, earl grey tea, iced tea, lemonade, vodka. easy cocktail recipe, gin cocktail, healthy cocktail, (5 cups water, 1 cup honey in saucepan. Shake several times. Garnish with a lemon peel. An Earl Grey Mocktail With Grapefruit And Honey is a perfect sipper when you don’t feel like drinking alcohol, yet want something a bit fancier than water or. Privacy Policy. Simmer until honey is dissolved). // Earl Grey Blackberry Bourbon Cocktail // Beginning with Bergamot It was served in a hurricane glass over ice, and I sipped it down (quickly) with a straw. Servings 1 When I think of tea, I often think of adding sugar or honey. New places are popping up all the time in Birmingham’s rising food scene, and its hard to hit them all. Store in the refrigerator to keep cold. In a small sauce pan, heat the sugar and water over medium low … This Earl Grey Cocktail is a simple and refreshing alcoholic tea. This Vanilla Earl Grey Blackberry Mocktail has delicious currents of vanilla, orange, bergamot, and blackberry and is the perfect mocktail for tea lovers! This hearkens back to the gold, spices and gifts of the Three Kings and the gold that Saint Nick left in people’s stockings. SHAKE first three ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass. Make sure the tea and the honey syrup is at room temperature, or cooler, before mixing it. Mix 2 oz. I took to Instagram to ask my followers for their vote and suggestions on what to name this new cocktail. You … It’s not easy. Here’s the recipe: Earl Grey’s Royal Gin Fizz. To make the Earl Grey Cocktail, a chic cocktail infused with tea, all you need to do is add simple syrup (instructions below) to prepared tea and top it off with fresh lemon juice and rum. Securely fasten the cap … Serves: 2 Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cooking Time: 5 Minutes 5 Minutes. Pour the gin, simple syrup, and lemon juice into a shaker with ice. Add 1 cup pure cane sugar and stir until dissolved. It’s the perfect tea cocktail to drink as summer turns into fall. Earl Grey Tea Cocktail Recipes. Earl grey is known for its bergamont orange flavor, which is citrusy and bright. I don’t know about you but I am SUPER jazzed for fall to officially be here. And this is the part where you run for the hills! Click to get the full recipe. Welcome to The Southern Source. I thought you might say a few cocktails would help. It’s the perfect tea cocktail to drink as summer turns into fall. You’ll Need: 0.75 ounces gin (we used Eau Claire Distillery’s Parlour Gin) Bring to a simmer until honey has dissolved. It was so delicious, I think I may have ordered another! It is macerated beforehand in the gin. Ah, yes. 4 ingredients. Whisk, and allow sugar to dissolve fully into water, then remove from heat. of fresh lemon juice, ¼ oz. The bright floral flavors of the Earl Grey simple syrup will wake up taste buds while you find your afternoon buzz sipping on this drink. ?” But hold your … This Earl Grey Martini will have you feeling like you’re sat in a swanky cocktail bar in the comfort of your own home. of the infused vodka with ¾ oz. 3. I have never tried a tea-inspired cocktail, but it does sound pretty delicious! Homemade Cream Earl Grey Bubble Tea Healthy World Cuisine. Earl Grey Black tea plays the main role in this drink.,, These Brunch Beverages Are So Good, They Make Coffee Jealous - The Crazy Beautiful Life, Guide to Christmas Decorations & Holiday Decor. Make sure to make your tea and cool it. Earl Grey Vodka Cocktail This Earl Grey Vodka Cocktail mixes tea-infused vodka with cranberry juice, lemon juice, and smashed basil for a simultaneously refreshing and warming drink. It’s as easy as that! All your participation and suggestions are greatly appreciated; now let’s get to mixing. 50 Shades of Earl Of course, we had lots of votes for #1 and I thought we would, considering the fanfare around the film “50 Shades of Gray.” #2 is punchy and we had lots of votes for that one too! Earl Grey & Lemon Clarified Milk Punch Crystal clear, classy, with a hint of creaminess and citrus earl grey flavor, this clarified milk punch is the hottest cocktail trend and you have to try it! Condiments. To make a cocktail (you can make multiple drinks at once): Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. If you haven’t tried it, brew … It’s a cocktail that’s both fresh and fancy, made with fresh-squeezed lemon, gin, prosecco (or Champagne if you’re in the mood to take it to the next level) and notes of Earl Grey tea. This will give you enough to make a few cocktails. Impress your guests with a liquid dessert, or even treat yourself at the end … Alas, when we arrived at Bamboo on 2nd, I scanned the cocktail menu and found gin (check), lemon (check), and earl grey simple syrup? The flavor has great subtle floral notes. of nocino, ¾ oz. The tea ingredients include fruit rinds, flowers, oils, and extracts. Store in the refrigerator to keep cold. earl grey, chips, chopped walnuts, dried apricots, vanilla extract and 9 more. Pour in Earl Grey-infused gin, lemon juice and simple syrup in the proportions listed above. Your email address will not be published. Enchanting Earl Grey Tea Cocktail | Life is Better with Tea Place the gin, Earl Grey tea, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white into a cocktail shaker and shake well. Just followed you on Instagram and I love your pretty pink site! In a glass with ice add ingredients. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Flavor infused vodkas have become popular over the past couple of years and it is super easy to infuse your favorite vodka with tea. The third name suggestion, I snagged from one of my favorite fashion bloggers, @happilygrey. Earl Grey Tea Cocktail. Here are the options they had to vote on: 1.

earl grey cocktail

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