Crumble and mix it with sugar and sprinkle it over freshly fri… In my case, I will rather replace sugar with cinnamon since it is beneficial and can add a sweet taste to my food items and still benefit me health-wise. If the sticks are too long, break them into smaller pieces by hand so … Let’s Find Out, Create Function And Beauty With Your Small Kitchen - Christiana Acha, Best Mortar and Pestle for Grinding Seeds (2021 Detailed Review), 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas - Relish Bay, Best Mortar and Pestle for Grinding to Powder. One other thing that determines how you use your cinnamon is the purpose. Make a soothing cinnamon tea by infusing a cinnamon stick in hot water. © All rights reserved - Part of the agiovasil LLC - Site Map, Method To Grind Cinnamon Sticks In A Blender, Method To Grind Cinnamon Sticks In A Coffee Grinder. Sometimes, some of the spices get spoiled quickly because I have not got a refrigerator. If it’s a peppercorn-based spice mixture I’ll use my spice blender, which is like a mini food processor. The whole cinnamon is expected to be roasted in a pan for 2 minutes on low flame. Grinding your cinnamon stick is not as difficult as some of you may think it is, you can achieve this with a coffee grinder or blender. You do want to be careful of stripping out the blade on these grinders which can occur if a larger seed or berry gets stuck under the blade. We are already endowed with these beautiful natural products that benefit or in one way of the other. This will make a cinnamon syrup that will either soap your dough or make the icing. I have to say I’m not sure it was worth it: clean up took a while, and the result … Place your cinnamon sticks into a manual or automatic coffee grinder. It is your choice to decide whether to use cinnamon as a powder or a stick. I will not like to grind my cinnamon without a grinder, even though I don’t have it, I can use this type of blender to get it ground. Some people can even be eating the powder of cinnamon just the way they eat powdered milk. I have seen my sister grinding them in a small ceramic mortar and pestle before. There are lots of machines that can grind cinnamon, but as a spice, the most suitable machine for grinding it should be spice grinder or a blender like this Ninja Blender: another alternative is a coffee grinder or food processor too can do a perfect job. The high-capacity removable bowl and lighting fast grinding speed make the Cuisinart the ideal spice grinder for the spice fanatic. The flavour result may be similar but cinnamon sticks offer a lower flavour to food compared to the ground cinnamon. How to Grind the Seeds . You can grate cinnamon sticks over a bowl using the fine blades of a box grater or ZESTER. The sticks in general last more than the ground counterpart. It will come up with a flavour just like new cinnamon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Especially the Cassia or regular cinnamon that has a high quantity of coumarin can cause liver damage or cancer. It can be mixed with powdered sugar if it is well ground. This is to allow for more space for blending movement of the cinnamon sticks. The cinnamon powder is a very important ingredient in cooking a different kind of dishes. In the case of cinnamon that doesn’t necessarily need a freezer, the sticks can last for about 3 to 4 years. Add cinnamon sticks to roasted coffee beans Take the number of cinnamon sticks you need, do not allow it to fill up the blender top or cup completely. Apart from being a useful product as a stick it also plays a lot of role health-wise as a beneficial stick. If at all you want to get the best flavour from your cinnamon the next time you want to use it, simply grate it with a grater to release its flavours. This is the perfect way to grind cinnamon and everyone can follow these above mentioned steps to get fresh and unadulterated cinnamon powder. I have recommended some blenders for you to explore in the grinding of your cinnamon sticks. Make a mug of hot chocolate and stir it with a cinnamon stick to enhance the flavor. There are also benefits of cinnamon tea. Crushing whole spices and seeds just before cooking releases essential oils, creating a robust and fresh spice flavoring. You can grate the sticks into powder either manually or, preferably, with an electric grinder. However, I am recommending this powerful blender for you. The stick smells like clean spirit. How Do You Use Cinnamon Sticks For Weight Loss? In a nutshell, humans love nice fragrances and dislike bad smells. Whole cinnamon is good even as a stick, but you may want to grind it to be used as a spice for your food or other purposes. Before you know it, you have made your homemade cinnamon. Just like every other food items or natural product, if you don’t store cinnamon sticks properly, they will lose their quality. Put the cinnamon stick in a mortar and grind with a pestle or use a spice grinder or coffee grinder to grind it until the sticks have been completely turned into powder. Cinnamon sugar is a mixture of granulated sugar and ground cinnamon. However, the bowl and the blade can't be detached for easy cleaning. Cinnamon is a spice commonly used in cooking that comes from the bark of the cinnamon tree. This certainly happens when you're only grinding a few teaspoons or less. The cinnamon powder that results is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. I hope you check them out. I just bought the new flour guide and auger and will be trying to grind cocoa nibs shortly. Talking about one of the most delicious spices, cinnamon is at the top. We have seen their uses and yet the most important things have been discovered about them. I actually use both. For instance, my sister grinds cinnamon and then mix it with some amount of honey to serve as an anti-ageing agent. Then, come to dry roast cinnamon in a pan for 2 minutes in low flame. The sticks last longer than the powdered form. We will earn a token from Amazon on any purchase from you. The magic bullet, without a doubt, is a good blender to grind your cinnamon stick. They may start losing potency over time and will not give flavour to food as desired. Definitely yes, grating cinnamon sticks is not hard, in fact, a box grater or a ZESTER (like this one on Amazon) is okay for you to grind the quills into manageable pieces. There is no need for washing the cinnamon sticks. You will, in fact, enjoy the taste of your cinnamon because a food processor, unlike many other grinders, is a heavy-duty machine with high power and as such will give you good smooth grinding. The cinnamon sticks can also be ground in food processors or if you are willing to work with mortar and pestle, it is not bad too. I have had the Wonder Junior for several years now, and use it mostly for whole wheat with the stone burs, and coffee and cinnamon with the steel burs. The key to blend quickly here is to not include too many sticks at the same time, because that won’t work well with the blades. cinnamon sticks (optional) a blender or mortar and pestle (optional) empty tea bag of coffee filter; You can do this a few ways, and I’ll walk you through all of them. You definitely could, but you would want to use just a sliver of a cinnamon stick, and your smoothie might start to heat up before the stick was completely ground. If you have a large number of cardamom seeds to grind, it can be done in a food processor or coffee grinder. You also need to understand that no commercially packaged cinnamon sticks that don’t spoil. Now, you can do this before you even brew the coffee. One other thing about cinnamon is that you can grind it in the Vitamix, which I recently tried for the first time. My sister was opportune to taste it a year back; she described it as something that is sweet and a bit peppering. Unlike sugar that is harmful to the body especially when taken in excess. The grinder cup easily locks into place with a twist and is dishwasher safe for fast clean up. You can also purchase just the seeds (or even purchase ground cardamom). If you notice the sticks are too long, you can stylish break them into small pieces either by your hand so that the grinder lid can close without inconvenience. Cinnamon has also been used as medicine in traditional healing systems for ages. The simple stick really works wonder. Ceylon or "true" cinnamon resembles more of a rolled up parchment and has more delicate, sweet taste to it. The price may vary depending on size but for the most part, you will usually pay around a couple of dollars, or less. As a spice, it can be ground in a food processor. You may be wondering if it is possible to grind cinnamon without a grinder. This will be at no extra cost to you. The truth is that such a method will not give you powder but will almost or should I say gets to the halfway. Add ¼ cup of raisins, and then blend the ingredients more; the best oatmeal is ready to be served! Both the ground and whole stick cinnamon have their usefulness and benefits. You will get pretty good results from grating on a microplane or grinding a couple sticks in most blender. Sprinkle it over or add it whole to a serving of ice cream. Electric Coffee Grinder. You can grind various types of spices ranging from cinnamon sticks, fresh peppercorns and many more with the Nutribullet. You can easily grind whole cinnamon sticks yourself to make a powder, but if you're already baking with a warm liquid component, you could infuse with the sticks as well. If you want your cinnamon sticks to maintain their nutrients for a very long time of say 3 to 4 years, the best way is to store them properly. You understand what I mean by without a grinder: meaning mortar and pestle included. Today, I will be answering some fast questions about cinnamon as a means to enhance research and business transactions. Eat small quantity or moderate amount because eating cinnamon too much can cause a side effect. The main point is that you need to blend the cinnamon flavor with coffee. You should see spices flying around in the container. There you have your finely ground, textured cinnamon powder. Our editors have carefully selected, used, and researched products reviewed on this post. Use a damp cloth to wipe it. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Here we go: Cinnamon sticks are beneficial health-wise and for many years people have been using them as spices. Mortar & Pestle. Whether you intend to use top blenders like the Vitamix or the Ninja, rest assured that blenders will grind your cinnamon sticks into finely blended powder for you to go ahead and use it. It works best if you break up the sticks and use the tamper (I didn't get a tamper with mine that I bought direct from Amazon [not a seller], so you may need to purchase one separately).

can you grind cinnamon sticks in a blender

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