... it is important to design and implement scrubber system for controlling NOx emissions. Designed for Muriatic / Hydrochloric Acid Tanks, Eliminates fume attack on electrical components, Reagent turns from white to pink to indicate replacement, Suction lance with 1/4” connection for tubing. When storing these types of chemicals, it’s important to construct a system that address venting needs by installing a compatible scrubber. Nitric acid. chemical scrubbers, gas scrubbers) are a diverse group of air pollution control devices that can be used to remove some particulates and/or gases from industrial exhaust streams. TrustSEAL Verified. ... 30,000 CFM Horizontal Packed Bed Wet Scrubber System absorbs and neutralizes acid gasses from acid dip tanks. Some of the chemicals that can be vented from tanks are hydrochloric acid, ammonia, and acetic acid. Acid Fume Scrubbers. 155, Sri Amirthavarshini Nagar, +91-9952877991, All Rights Reserved | Drizgas | Designed & Developed By Seyfert Infotech, Can handle air flow rate from 100 to 30,000 CFM, Removal method is Absorption / Chemisorption, Material of Construction: PP, FRP, PP+FRP, MS+FRP, SS 304, SS 316, Lower shell serves as integral sump for recycle of liquid, Spray nozzles accessible from top of unit, Entrainment separators prevent liquid carryover, Special multi-bed packing designs accommodate different scrubbing solutions for removal of multiple contaminants, Continuous pH monitoring system for scrubbing liquid. Both the fume scrubber and closed systems eliminate acid vapor emission to the atmosphere. Badli, Delhi. Pickling tank with fume scrubbing system : We are specialized in chemical fumes control using fume extractor, wet scrubber, dry scrubber for variety of indoor industrial applications: Chemical, pharmaceutical processes, reactors, chemical mixing, fume hood, research laboratories, Acid etching, solvent cleaning etc. Industrial Scrubbers. The harmful acidic or base vapours evolved during any reaction or from any chemical tank etc will be extracted and diffused using various pollurion control equipments like. Email: sales@drizgas.com | info@drizgas.com, Phone No: +91-8428231593 | Often, the solution is simply water, but can be a reagent to address specific chemicals. This system can also be modified to meet the needs of other acid etching processes as well. The system introduces water or a specific scrubbing solution through a submerged plenum. The use of mesh pads in the Chrome Scrubber generates less waste water and the solution generated from the wash down of the pads … If you having problems with an existing Sulphuric Acid Scrubber, we can also provide Scrubber repair support for any make and model of system through our dedicated technical services division, PolSys Services. Talk to our engineers to design and build a Fume Scrubber according to your layout and efficiency needs. The system introduces water or a specific scrubbing solution through a submerged plenum. Each stage has an independent magnehelic gage to indicate when cleaning is necessary. Packed Bed Acid & Fume Scrubbers Cross-flow Air Scrubbers Fan Separator Tri-Mer Chrome Scrubber Odour Control Scrubber Polypropylene Process Tanks Used Dust Collectors Explosion Protection Explosion Vent Panels Flameless Venting Explosion Isolation Explosion Suppression Accessories/Options Nordfab Quick-Fit Ducting Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Sulfuric Acid Scrubber Repairs. Acid fume capture and abatement is a significant aspect in every hot dip galvanizing plant. Stay informed about air pollution control and water/wastewater treatment applications and solutions from Monroe Environmental. AirMax, with wet fume scrubber, is a total solution for minimizing personnel, ductwork and environmental exposure to caustic acid gases. It works by contacting the target compounds with a scrubbing solution. Acid Fume Scrubber Operation The exhaust air from wet process stations will often contain droplets of the acid used in the process. Address: Plot No. There are 2 basic venting systems used most commonly: (1) vent through a fume scrubber open to the atmosphere; and (2) completely closed system not open to the atmosphere. Contact a Monroe Environmental engineer 1-800-992-7707 to review your requirements.

acid fume scrubber system

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