Privacy Policy

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women would like to provide you with essential information on our policies regarding the personal information protection and security of any of whom visit our website. So, at this moment after, the description for you to learn.


Visiting the Website

You may visit the website to search for any of our products and services without being required to provide us any personally identifying information. However, if you opt to sign up or to subscribe for any one of our “content feeds” – we will ask you to provide specific personally identifying information that will require in the registration procedure.


Generally speaking, we continuously strive to improve our website that would include any tools or software in order to collect the information related to information retrieval on the internet of whom visit our website. Correctly, we will apply those of data to improve our website to reach the targeted customer with more effectiveness. Also, such the information we will collect as by following;


1) Date and time to visit our website.


2) Attention on any web pages.


3) Duration to visit our website.


4) Type of search.


5) Internet provider.


6) Other websites you visit in both before and after visiting our website.


How to Collect and Protect Personal Information

Any of the information we collect from you will be used specific purpose regarding our implementation and legally use, including efficiency increasement in service, your information helps us to create products, services, and any other offers to better respond to your individual need. Any of that information will not apply, collect, or store for any purpose whatsoever that is not followed to our objective addressed here.


However, in case we need to collect any data and information of which not follow to the previous paragraph. You may require to provide us with personally identifying information with our contact directly. If you opt to provide your personal information to our website, we implement standard security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information according to the Personal Data Protection Act.


The personal information provided by our customers will be collected and maintained as the period of our customer and us be in the business relationship. Apart from that, you may contact us by email, and we will keep the content addressed on the email, email address, and any correspondences as the reference information to respond any of your inquiries or follow up for the feedback. Also, to evaluate the effectiveness of the communication would whether help to resolve the case or not.


Disclose of the Personal Information

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women has no any policy to transfer or trade any of personal information of our customer to the outside parties to be used in any other purpose without your permission. Besides, we will not disclose any of such personally identified information you provided us to other organizations whoever; nonetheless, it will be acceptable in one of the following ways;


  1. If you request and give authorize to us for the implementation, or


  1. That such information only be used to process your transaction


  1. We may disclose all of the information that we collect, as stated in the law including in accordance with the terms set forth of the law. For instance, Pavena Foundation for Children and Women may be requested to disclose the personal information of our customer following to the judicial order or court writ or any other legal organization whosoever.


Our website may contact the trusted parties who assist us in operating and developing our electronic commerce, also resource management or provide any services or features on behalf of our firm. We require these parties to agree to keep your information confidential, as well as to comply with the legal terms. In any case, the foundation requires the service of these parties to support our service and features, those of the third parties must follow to keep the information confidentially, as well.


Privacy Protection of the Personal Information

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women implements to apply the high standard of information protection. So that, with the purpose to protect any harm or access of such personally identified information you provided us without any authorization.


Security Policy

Pavena Foundation for Children and Women appreciates to the security of the customer who does the transaction for products and services of our foundation. Thence, we specify the guideline for the protection of the website, and this applied presently as by following;


  1. The firm takes in consideration of the implementation in the computer of both hardware and software also works with the outsourcing contract in accordance with the law and regulation.


  1. The firm appoints the right to access the information providing on our website to our employee.


  1. The firm uses the anti-virus software and keeps it up-to-date constantly.


  1. The firm implements the virus scan process with the computer system and also tools and devices to store all that information regularly.


  1. The firm always backs up any of relevant information and software.


  1. The firm applies the firewall system to ensure safety and security among the network. The process is operating by the proficient system administrator.


  1. The firm gets the support from trusted provider regarding the online transaction matter.


  1. The firm securely stores your data in a restricted access database that protected with the international standard security system.


  1. The firm does update the safety and security and identity verification technology continually.


  1. Should you have any inquiries regarding the safety and security of our website, please feel free to contact the firm directly.