We are grateful for every one visits our website. To make clear and mutual understanding regarding the use of the website, thus we would like to inform you about the terms and conditions of our website as by following details.


Description Of Service

Due to the safety and regularity of the use of the website, any of whom to use the website shall commit to except any practice in infringement of the personal rights and/or the intellectual property of both outside parties and the firm itself. Do not send and post any improper and impolite content, text, illustration, animation to the website which leads to sarcasm, provocation, falsification, also against the moral, law, and precarious to Lese Majeste, or any action that may harm the website and outside parties. Supposing the website detects those mentioned previous, it subjects to eliminate and restrain all of those behaviors and cancel the membership of our website without any prior notice. Also, the website has no responsibility for any damages.


Disclaimer Policy

The publishing of those improper contents mentioned in the previous paragraph, in case any damage for other customers, the website has no responsibility for the materials. Due to those of contents are out of guilt of our website; hence, it fails to produce the effects nor Legal obligation in any case. However, if it is the technical error of the information provided by the website, we are ready and appreciate for correction by the owner of the content.



We would like to inform you that all trademark, trade name, content, messages, illustrations, including the stories that published on the website are copyright of Pavena Foundation for Children and Women which legally under the protection of the Intellectual Property Law. All rights reserved. Any reproduction – copy, edit, counterfeit, or any use of software to take part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited whether commercial or distorted exploit. Supposing the website detects those of prohibited behaviors, we will bring a charge against the violators immediately.


Modifications to Service

The foundation reserves the right to modify, correct, or stop service the website to improve or develop of the software, including to discontinue service in case of any technical errors without any prior notice to the customers. Apart from that, terms of use and advertising guideline are subject to change as the firm deems appropriate.