Background of Pavena Foundation for Children and Women
“Since 1988, I began my political role as a member of the House of Representatives. My first intention to serve the public was to visit “Kredtrakarn Home," the official place serves as a Rehabilitation center for children and women experienced swindling and forced to prostitute. The center provides mental health rehabilitation together with the education and occupational training for them. So one day I visited the place which still fresh in my memory, I met a girl with about 11 years old was sitting and knitting. Well, I gave her the question "How did you get to this place?" So the girl answered me "My step-father traded me to the brothel and the police saved me and brought me here, ma'am." The moment I heard that I felt shocked, as a mother who loves my child as the apple of my eyes and nurtures our child with love and cherish. Contrarily, for the thing that happened to just only 11 years old girl made me cry.


After that, I went back to the center and saw many of the children who are in the same position as the girl I met before. I just though over and over, I hadn't known how cruel that their life would experience. Since then, I with my strong intention as part of the representative, besides to serve the country in legislation duty I will dedicate myself to work for children and women, as well. So that, I enrolled to be part of any committees related to the children and women matter. Nonetheless, I thought that effort would be just the theory-practice since there's no any proper and severe action to deal with the problem I had concerned. In particular, this kind of work requires the cooperation of both the government and private section and any good citizen.

Therefore, I was appointed by the Prime Minister’s Office to be Chairman of the Accelerating and Coordinating Committee, Youth, Government, and Private sector Operations under the Prime Minister’s Office. I set up the “special unit" to take charge in any mission to aid the children and women who experience any types of violence and cruelness solemnly and continually resulted in good objectification. Consequently, the numbers of the victim had come to ask for help increased by leaps and bounds. However, the "Special Unit" that was set up following to the government authorization is varied from the political divergence. Hence, it is not accord with my determination to provide the aid to the misfortune children and women sustainably and not require any official and political attachment for this duty. 
Even if the Special Unit under supporting of the government was over for a long time but the work to provide the aid to children and women who faces any kinds of violence and harassment has continued. I, with a strong will, founded the special unit called "Pavena Hongsakul" to take action for this mission and asked for the cooperation from the official units and private section to support the victims from that time on. 


“One has no choice to born but one can choose to be a good person if one has a chance" is a key idea that leads my way to keep doing my work helping those misfortune ones uninterruptedly. From 1997 since then, the operations under my administration has implemented with my personal fund, mainly. And then, some appreciate the project and would like to be part of the ideology with the assistance resulted in a project to support and cooperation to "Lions Clubs International Foundation” from the USA with the support in coordination by the “Lions Clubs International Multiple District 310 Thailand and I would take this chance to give thanks for that kindness. Also, I am grateful to everyone who donates and provide your support to our foundation, as well. 
Latterly, there were friends and benefactors share the idea and encourage me to found the foundation to give a chance for those whom interesting to benefit the society with financial support. For this reason, “Pavena Foundation for Children and Women" was established on April 27, 1999. With the objective to provide the proper aid to children and women who experience any kinds of violence, harassment, and imposition to gain back the justice and be able to live in the society peacefully and sustainably, also our work is another way to support the government as a good citizen, as well.  

I want to take this opportunity to make clear understanding that the mission of the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women will execute as if we are requested and petitioned to assist the victim. In case the official units take charge, then we will not involve for the situation. Correctly, our assistance will be as if we get the request for help for any cruelness – ravish in children, violence, harassment, illegal child labor, and so on. These cases, once we got the petition the next step is to invite the victim to our office to provide us with further information. So to prove the petition, we will send our special unit to investigate beforehand as if the appeal whether true or not. Possibly the case is well-grounded, we will cooperate to the police that the complainant submitted the notice and provided any support to assist the official office. Also, when we offer the aid to the children, we still have to follow up whether they can live with the family or not. As if the kid needs mental health rehabilitation or occupational training, so we will coordinate with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. However, the justice process will be under the responsibility of the foundation until the end of the case.